GSP is up to date with all of the plumbing and heating municipality codes that need to be followed and adhered to.

Whether your home is using cast iron or ABS. Whether your home is heated with a boiler or furnace our technicians are licensed and capable to get you up and running.

Bathroom, Kitchen & Laundry Room

Are you looking to upgrade an old bathroom or kitchen? Or design a custom bathroom or kitchen from the ground up? Do you want to move or upgrade your laundry room?

GSP can help you design your plumbing so that it fits your needs and creativity, while also making sure it is functional and up to code. This includes everything from installing dishwashers and showers to in-floor heating and hot tubs. GSP is certified to install all the top brand plumbing products with confidence that it is done right.


There are many different types of residential pumps in a home from water well pumps to sump pumps, and variations of these from pedestal to submersible and backup battery operated pumps.

It can be difficult choosing which pump is right for your home and why. Some heating systems require a special set of knowledge in order to properly access and install the right style and size of pumps. GSP can assist in your decision as well as perform a flawless installation. Most of the time we have what you need in stock but if not we are able to order whatever parts are needed to finish the job.

Replacement of Cast Iron & Copper Drainage

Whether you are doing a full kitchen or bathroom tear down or want to replace those old cast iron/copper pipes to plastic or ABS/PVC, GSP is equipped to serve you.

GSP has the equipment necessary to check behind your walls and under your floors to see the condition of your old pipes on all the different levels of your home. With trained and certified plumbers that can handle the job from start to finish, the customer can rest assured knowing the job has been done properly.

Home HVAC and Plumbing Inspection

Greater Sudbury Plumbing and Heating (GSP) will come into your current or future home and do an in-depth inspection of the heating and plumbing systems.

We will arrive prepared to inspect the condition of your pipes, drains, filters, furnaces, boilers and your overall system. This includes a look at your homes plumbing from top to bottom and even underneath. A full camera scope will get sent down your lines to see the out of site problems. Whether you are looking at purchasing a new home and want a more plumbing specific inspection then a home inspector can offer, or you want to know the status of your existing homes plumbing and heating systems, we can help.

Preventative Maintenance

GSP offers yearly contracts for our customers in order to keep their plumbing and heating systems in excellent working order. This helps prevent future issues through early identification and can save our customers any upcoming headaches.

Our plumbers and heating technicians would schedule appointments to come and check your home from top to bottom as well as maximize the life of your plumbing and heating systems by fixing and replacing any minor items that may go unchecked by an untrained individual.

24/7 Emergency Services

Whether it’s Christmas Day or late night on a weekend, you can be sure that GSP can help you with your plumbing emergency.

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