Emergency Plumbing Services

Our technician will arrive in a timely basis and prepared to handle the problem without charging any overtime or additional rates.

If our technicians don’t have what is needed to complete the task, we make sure to solve your problem before we leave and come back the next day to finish the job.

With GSP you can feel comfortable calling late at night or on a weekend because we don’t charge overtime or after hours fees. That means you pay the same as if it were a regular scheduled appointment.

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Residential Services

GSP is up to date with all of the plumbing and heating municipality codes that need to be followed and adhered to.

Whether your home is using cast iron, ABS or Cast Iron. Whether your home is heated with a boiler or furnace our technicians are licensed and capable to get your up and running.

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Specialty Services

For those jobs that other technicians won’t take or may not be best suited to fit your needs, here at Greater Sudbury Plumbing and Heating our technicians are more than happy to help.

Some jobs require more specific expertise then others. You can feel comfortable knowing that our technicians have served this community and its outlying areas long enough to know how to handle those distinct jobs.

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Commercial Services

No job is too small or large for GSP’s technicians. Our staff has dealt with large commercial buildings with multiple high traffic areas.

Everything from small offices that just need a break room to warehoused with built in sprinklers. GSP has a commercial division that is capable of handling any size job.

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Backflow and Cross Connection

Greater Sudbury Plumbing and Heating (GSP) offers Backflow testing and installation.

In a drinking water system is when normal water flow to a customer’s property is interrupted and the flow reverses direction. This can happen by accident through hazardous connections to the water pipe system, known as a cross connection.

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24/7 Emergency Services

Whether it’s Christmas Day or late night on a weekend, you can be sure that GSP can help you with your plumbing emergency.

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