Greater Sudbury Plumbing and Heating (GSP) offers Backflow testing and installation.

In a drinking water system is when normal water flow to a customer’s property is interrupted and the flow reverses direction. This can happen by accident through hazardous connections to the water pipe system, known as a cross connection.

Annual Testing

GSP can offer annual testing in accordance with all municipal codes and regulations. Arriving on site prepared to complete the job so your business can be back up and operational without any service interruptions. 

Cross Connection Installation

Greater Sudbury Plumbing and Heating can offer installation of new backflow preventers in any residential or commercial space. Installation of any size unit with proper bypasses to allow for maintenance with no interruptions to your company's water. 

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24/7 Emergency Services

Whether it’s Christmas Day or late night on a weekend, you can be sure that GSP can help you with your plumbing emergency.

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